The Cat and the Hat a story or a Microcosm

The story the cat in the hat Is a fictional children’s story, or so we thought. Being written with mostly 3 lettered words its camouflage of being children’s story had been uncovered to really be the microcosm of the mind. Which I had found after analyzing it to illustrate the structural theory of the Psyche. Which is a fancy way of saying the structural theory of the mind. The story the cat in the is a microcosm of the mind because it displays the ID, the Super Ego and the Ego.

The ID in the mind is the devil on your shoulder telling you your wants. A undeveloped mind, for example an infants mind would allow the infants to cry and frustrate people in order to get something they want. Not caring about other people needs the infants cry more and more because he has no Super Ego yet. Proving that Infants minds are only filled with ID. In the book the cat and the Hat the Cat represents the ID in the mind. For example the cat says “lots of good fun, if you wish, With a game that I call Up-Up-Up with a fish”. Not caring about the fish the cat proves to be the ID in the mind only wanting his selfish need. Trying to fascinate the children with his tricks attempting to get the Ego or the children to go along with him. You see in this mind or the story shown as a microcosm of it, the tricks would be looked on the idea put into this persons head. Now as the cat or the ID he wants the idea, not caring or thinking about anyone else as you can tell when the fish says “this is no fun at all put me down I do not wish to fall”. The cat is clearly portrayed as the ID, not caring about others, only caring about his tricks.

The Super Ego in the Mind is the angle sitting on your shoulder making sure you think of others. This infants do not have but as people get older dand the mind develops further you can see the Super Ego occurring more and more often in the scenes of peoples lives. The book the Cat in the Hat is therefore not a microcosm of an infants mind. Because it does display a Super Ego Which would be the fish, which can be shown when he says “I do not like the way that they play if mother could see this, oh, what would she say. This proves that the fish or the Super Ego does not like the Tricks because he cares about his home and about his mother and how she feels. The Fish cares about others which is why he is shown as the Super Ego. He constantly tells the children or the Ego that the Cat and his tricks are bad. You see the Super Ego and the ID are like two little armies going at it in the mind. The cat and the fish display this because the Cat In constantly trying to convince the children to let him show them his tricks for example on page 8 the cat says “I know some tricks, a lot of good tricks, I will show them to you, your mother will not mind at all if I do”. The cat or the ID used this to con the children or the Ego into actually watching the tricks which is actually just an idea or thought in this persons mind. Now although this goes on for most of the story (Showing that this persons mind is still growing) eventually the Super Ego ends up taking over. This occurs when the fish says “your mother is on the way home” Which is when the Ego come into play.

The Ego is the balance between the Angle and the Devil on the shoulder. The Ego determines whether to follow the ID or the Super Ego or more so he balances the two out. Like the Super Ego infants also do not display it. In this story the Ego is the children because they balance everything out. There the ones who determine whether or not they want to listen to the ID or the Cat. At first they listen to the ID but then as the story goes on they go against the ID more and more. Then they actually tried to catch the ideas or thoughts in order to get ride of them. This to me was an example of the Ego balancing itself out by getting ridding itself from some of the ID wants because the Super Ego realized how it was affecting someone else. This someone else in this story is shown by the mother.

The story ends when the mother arrives back home. To me this is the example of the Idea or though actually being displayed. This story is the Microcosm of the mind. Im inferring that this mind is the mind of a sophomore. Because unlike what an Adult might have done we actually thought of the Idea and considered doing it. Although in the end our Ego or the kids threw out the idea. For a while there the Ego was actually listening to the ID but the Super ego or the fish kept nagging on the idea so eventually the Ego realized that the idea was hurting some one else and had to forget about it. But in General this story just displays a sophmore thinking about a dicesion which he eventully decides not to do because of the effects it might have on other people. Proving story the cat in the is a microcosm of the mind because it displays the ID, the Super Ego and the Ego.



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